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Being in downtown Los Angeles it's hard to ignore the homelessness you are presented with on every street corner. However, what I was unaware of and many people I think are is the fact that there are almost 90,000 homeless school aged-children in Los Angeles County. This seems almost unreal. So we decided to do a small bit to help these children that are located in downtown. We reached out to School on Wheels, a nonprofit organization that uses education as a tool to combat homelessness. School on Wheels has a learning center located in Skid Row, also known as the epicenter of the homeless population in downtown LA. They sent us a list of necessities for the children they work with.

We collected over 2000 items.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen.

Skid Row Learning Center sees around 50 kids a day. They also have tutors that go to homeless shelter, group homes and domestic abuse shelters.  

For more information on how you could help go to: